Friday, 16 March 2018

I Totally Earned This - coffee & cake pic

Hi all - feeling very virtuous as I've consolidated my website and TWO blogs - so now you're looking at just the one. I might even be able to keep up with things now.

So I feel I totally earned my coffee and cake!

Took this in a cafe over a year ago (so of course I can't remember which one as I didn't label the photos at the time) and photoshopped the text. Feel free to use if you want.

Friday, 2 March 2018

Fauxdori - handpainted Traveller's Notebook refill

The front

First of all, I have to apologise for not posting for so long - due to another funeral (my husband's close friend of 23 years) and yet another eye operation (the 6th on my tearduct). So I haven't felt very much like doing anything! So here's a Traveller's Notebook refill I made earlier...

The back

I've used acrylics, rice paper, my own hand-drawn and hand-painted girls, and added decoupaged butterflies, flowers etc. And real lace down the edges.

I've used a simple 3-hole pamphlet stitch (you'll find tutorials online - my own video tutorial for Colouricious is here).

Pockets inside front cover

Inside back cover

I also added pockets etc inside the covers, and doodled round the edges.

One thing to remember - using acrylic paints and gel mediums means the covers are waterproof and pretty indestructible when you're carrying the TNs around in a bag or pocket. If using watercolours, you need to add some kind of protective surface, whether a wax or a spray - or even clear sticky-back plastic! Otherwise, all your hard work may not last very long.

Hope you like them!

Sunday, 19 November 2017

Fauxdori - Traveller's Notebook inserts, using paste papers & painted papers

Here are the latest Travellers's Notebook inserts I've made, all with my own paste papers and printed papers.

This one is painted, layered with giant foam stamps in swirls, squares & leaf shapes
Paste paper variatiation using acrylics & gel medium, combed through
 Metal file tabs on the front can have labels (or not...)

Traditional paste paper

Traditional paste paper - linen Under Construction tape
I've used acrylics (always best for this) so the covers are wipeable in case of accidents (coffee, sticky fingers, melted chocolate etc).

All of them have stitched papers (looks so much nicer than staples).

Hand-stitched double pocket

Double secretarial pocket

Single secretarial pocket (paste paper layered to black card to make it stand out more)

Punched pocket with matching paper clip 

All have pockets inside the covers. Always useful (receipts, pretty stickers etc.

I've kept these pretty plain as they might also appeal to men - but can always be personalised with stickers etc. All of these will be in my Etsy shop very shortly.

I can't believe how long it's been since my last post - I'm thoroughly ashamed of myself, but in my own defense all I can say is, Life Happens. Which included 4 funerals since September (including my best friend), several hospital visits (eye op set for January) and a computer crash.

Monday, 18 September 2017

Paris Amour - Kindle cover makeover

I've really enjoyed doing a makeover for this Kindle cover.

It's for the latest Kindle, which is an 8in, and more of an oblong shape. The cover I bought was a plain white leatherette, which quickly discoloured to a nasty cream, and it also marked up badly. So the cover was well overdue for a makeover.

I've used rice paper from Imagination Crafts.

I lightly sanded the cover first, wiped over to remove any powdery surface, then gave it a very thin coat of gesso, to give it a tooth.

To prep the rice paper, I used a paint brush and clean water to draw onto the paper. This makes it easier to tear apart (although you can also tear it when dry, it's easier to wet it if tearing larger areas). This results in a lovely feathered edge, which virtually disappears when glued down.

With this particular paper, I wanted the text centred on the front cover, so needed to remove an area on the right (not wasted - it's now on the far left of the back cover). This left a little space, filled in by a strip of lace rice paper. Look as closely as you like - feathered edges make the joins invisible.

Make sure to use good layer of decoupage glue (gel medium or Mod Podge would also work) on the cover, then more glue on top of the rice paper as you stick it down. Work the paper well into the creases, and bend the cover back and forth to make sure it's well stuck and moves easily.

The rice paper has strands of fibre trapped inside, which makes it really strong and flexible. As you can see, it's stuck well and bends beautifully with the cover, and has not torn.

Finally, I added a coat of protective wax once the cover was totally dry (I left it overnight to make sure). Tim Holtz Distress Wax, Dorlands Wax Medium or even clear shoe polish will do the job for you - add a thin layer with a cloth or your finger, wait 5 minutes, then buff off any excess.

After several weeks of being taken everywhere, in and out of various handbags as well as being used constantly at home, the cover is showing no signs of wear. It's also wipeable. So I feel it's a really good job done.

Best of all, I showed the Kindle to Sue (owner of Imagination Crafts, where I bought my rice papers) who liked it so much she asked me to post a pic to her facebook page! Yay!

Monday, 3 July 2017

Fabulous Fauxdori faces, using acrylics

I decided to have a go and make my own Fauxdori inserts - and I'm really pleased how they've turned out.

I roughly sketched out the faces using pencil, gesso'd over the pencil and then painted with acrylics. Finally, I added some collaged vintage butterflies and flowers and some rice paper from Imagination Crafts (no affil, etc).

Front cover
I've used a piece of thin chipboard from the back of a sketchbook (if it won't fold easily, it's too thick for this) and gesso'd both sides before adding the artwork etc. The front cover has rice paper, acrylic, my own hand drawn face, plus a bit of glitter in addition to the collage.

Back cover
More collaged butterflies and more glitter. I've also emphasised the hair with dots of acrylic to follow the shape of the plaits etc. Plus glitter eyeshadow and earrings.

Inside front cover
This is rice paper glued directly onto thin chipboard. I used PVA (a wet glue) which is ideal for this kind of thing. Glue stick doesn't stick well enough, and double sided tape isn't all that brilliant either, especially if you are stitching with thread (it's a nightmare to stitch through - the needle clogs up, the thread drags etc).

Inside back cover
 I made a little pocket from a scrapbook embellishment (glued down on one side and bottom edges). Always handy for storing ephemera etc.

The stitching

This is a simple 3-hole pamphlet stitch, using waxed embroidery floss. You can find tutorials online, and I have this one in my Etsy shop SOLD and a little video here. I used Fabriano Artistico papers (if you are going to all this trouble, it's worth using the best paper you can afford) which are great for mixed media and will take any amount of abuse, lol.

I tore the pages to size using the edge of a ruler, then distressed even more using the Tim Holtz Tonic Paper Distresser, which is a really nifty little gadget. Just run it along any edge you want to rough up - or use a pair of scissors. Just google for this - easily found anywhere including Amazon.

This Fauxdori is now in my shop on Etsy. SOLD Hope you like it!